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Chimney Construction and Repairs in Irvington, New Jersey

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Heat Your Home in a New Way

When it comes to heating a home, the most traditional way to do it is the oldest standby — fire. It provides a rich and warm glow, a steady radiation of heat and a place for the family to gather.
All of that smoke needs to go somewhere, however, and you don’t want it to be in your house. Instead of risking a mess on your hands, install a functional and beautiful new chimney today.

Decorative and Functional Uses

A chimney is much more than just a flue for smoke to exit from your home. It serves as a bold contrast from the rest of your skyline and a way to show more aesthetic appeal. Whether you go for a stucco shaft with plastered walls or a traditional red brick look, your chimney will be in good hands when we’re the ones installing it.
We’ll take a look at your home beforehand and help you determine the optimal place to locate your new chimney. We take into account every facet of what a new chimney requires, from environmental factors to personal concerns.

Accentuate Your Home’s Appearance

Make no mistake about it — a chimney is a noticeable addition to your home. There’s no real way to hide a new shaft of sidewall or brick from the neighbors, let alone the smoke that comes out when you use it.
Don’t worry about this. When you hire us, we’ll make sure that your chimney serves as a beautiful contribution to your home’s appearance. Your home is precious to you, so we’ll always take your aesthetic needs into consideration before we take the first step of any installation.

Find Design Options With Us Today

Whatever your home’s situation happens to be, you can rest assured that our team will always do our utmost to cater our chimney options to your particular needs. We always work to your satisfaction, so the job isn’t over until you give us your final approval.
Consult with Anytime Chimney and Roofing Specialist today to give your new chimney the treatment it deserves. We know that we can make the difference for this very special investment.