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Roof Repair in Irvington, New Jersey

roof repair with chimney

Restore Your Roof

Your roof protects almost everything that is important in your life. Your family, belongings and home all need its shielding cover. Despite this, not many people consider the condition of their roofing until it is already badly damaged. Fortunately, there is an affordable solution that will restore your property and keep your building secure for years to come.

Watch for These Warning Signs

To ensure that you get the best results from your roof repair, take an active role in watching for early indications of damage. This will to ensure that you catch any potential threats before they become severe problems.
Missing Shingles
Any weak or exposed places on your roof should be handled immediately. Fortunately, missing shingles are the easiest roof issues to spot. A professional should be called in to replace the lost tabs and ensure the continued security of your building.
If the lines of your roof have begun to warp, it is an indication of internal damage. When water ponds in an area, it can leak past the shingles and begin to weaken and distort the wooden beams supporting your building’s cover.
Rising Energy Bills
Have you noticed a progressive rise in your energy bills? Your HVAC system might not be to blame. As they age, roofs lose their reflectivity. The result of this is that your AC unit has to work increasingly hard to resist external heat.
It’s not only the exterior that should be checked when you’re monitoring your roof’s condition. Any indication within your building of water damage is a warning sign. Issues, such as wet stains on your ceilings or sagging support beams are common indicators of damaged roofing.

We’re Ready to Repair Your Roof

Don’t hesitate to secure the safety of your building. At Anytime Chimney and Roofing Specialist, our team will quickly determine the cause of your problem. We will then implement the best, most economical solution to keep your home safe, dry and protected.